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22-Apr-2018 15:32

“The period between New Year's Day and Valentine's Day is our busiest six weeks of the year,” explains Sam Yagan, the boss of Ok Cupid, a big American dating site.

Once seen as the last resort for a bunch of lonely geeks, online-dating services have gradually shed much of the stigma formerly associated with them.

FOR the lovelorn, the new year can be an unhappy time, as they cast envious glances in the direction of lovey-dovey couples at the season's parties.

For online-dating agencies, it is a golden opportunity, as people who have spent the holidays ruminating over unsatisfactory or non-existent love lives log on in their thousands, hoping to find romance—ideally before February 14th.

As an example, e Harmony has auto-renewals under the Account setting link and you will want it to be set to “Set to Expire” If you aren’t comfortable with cancelling your account but can’t find settings to turn off auto-renewals, you can try to remove your credit card that the site has on file.

Some services will not allow you to remove a credit card if it is the only one of file.

This might sound like a rash thing to do but it’s not due to the way dating service subscriptions work.

Dating sites don’t refund unused time which means when you cancel, you are still able to use the service for the remainder of your time. You’ll still have the service available to you for the full time period.

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Not just because you can find yourself with large charge from a service you total forgot about.You can change the auto-renewals settings in your dating service…although some services don’t even offer this as an option.